Build Better Applications<!--Homepage Blurb-->

Build Better Applications

Troubleshoot application issues. Keep end-users happy and productive.

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Reduce<br/> the cost of IT <!--Homepage Blurb-->

the cost of IT

Correlate events across your entire infrastructure to reduce downtime.

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Improve security<!--Homepage Blurb-->

Improve security

Collect, analyze, and store data from critical systems to identify threats.

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Product Update:

Product Update:

Graylog 1.0 Eliminates Cost Barriers to Unlocking Big Data

Open Source Log Management and Analysis Platform Helps Enterprises Reduce Downtime and Lower Cost of IT Operations Management

Graylog, Inc., the company behind the popular Graylog open source log analysis platform, today announced that it has released v1.0 of its Open Source Graylog product.

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